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Leo and Julian – A Fatal Short

WARNING – Mild spoilers for His Fatal Love! Julian likes to keep things interesting for his Lion.

Alessandro and Teddy – A Brutal Short

WARNING – Mild spoilers for His Brutal Heart! Find out what happens when Sandro Castellani comes home injured…

Extra: Nick and Carlo at the Fall Fair

Nick Fontana and Carlo Bianchi find themselves in a little trouble at the Fall Fair…

A Lethal Short – His Lethal Desire

WARNING – Spoilers for His Lethal Desire! Find out what happens to two characters who appear in His Lethal Desire.

Heist of the Heart – Morelli Family Extra

Hudson Taylor loathes Gio Carlucci, but when he’s set up for a crime he didn’t commit, Gio might be his only chance to make it to the new year.

Devoted to the Don – Morelli Family Extras

Warning: Links contain SPOILERS for Devoted to the Don

Click the following links for:
trivia about what I did and didn’t include (and why!), and
a whole chapter that I drafted and then cut (and why!).

Safe Word – Rough Love Extra

Safe Word is an extra in my Rough Love universe, and explores the first time Ben Ballard called ‘Odyssey’ on Xander Romano…and why it took him so long.
Safe Word
 is set early in the series, around the time of Taken by Him: Rough Love Part 2.

Hard Hats & Hollywood: A Novella

Construction worker Ash Sullivan is prickly, defensive and rude. Actor Tavian Bianchi really wants to get to know him better, and not just because Ash is gorgeous. Okay, it’s a little bit because Ash is gorgeous. But Tavian also suspects there’s something special behind those mile-high walls that Ash has built up around himself.

Ash Sullivan has a later cameo in Taming Tristan but this is a standalone novella.

Electric Blue: MM Superhero Romance Novella

Electric Blue! is a supercute superhero romance. Zayne Williams finds out his best friend Chris Mitchell is one of LA’s hottest superheroes. He’s determined to be Chris’s sidekick – and his boyfriend.

The Jazz Club – Incubus Extra

Not for the faint of heart, Incubus is a seedy, sexy noir suspense novel set in 1950s Los Angeles. Not a romance, but an erotic thriller.
But beware: read Incubus before you grab your exclusive extra, because The Jazz Club contains SPOILERS.

(Or go ahead and spoil yourself, I can’t stop you!)

Wrap it Up – free MM erotic novella

Carter and Max explore the erotic potential of binding, ropes and leather…

MM Erotica

I’ve also written some M/M erotica under the cunning pseudonym LJ Greene. You can find those short stories and bundles on Smashwords (they were too hot for Amazon!). These are shorter but even sexier than my novels.

You can use the coupon LA53H to get Stuffed for 99c – just remember to add the coupon code at check-out!


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