Sneak Peek 1: Devoted to the Don

Devoted to the Don cover: shows a shirtless Finch with his face in shadows; Luca is behind him, dressed in a suit, with one hand on Finch's arm as though holding him back.


This is our big mistake: to think we look forward toward death. Most of death is already gone. Whatever time has passed is owned by death.

— Seneca


I’m sitting in the most non-denominational hospital chapel I’ve ever seen, my best friend next to me praying harder than I’ve ever heard him, while some surgeon cuts into my husband, and the only thought in my head is how foolish I was to spend my life teasing Death.

Before I met the man of my dreams, I lived most of my days trying to find my way into Death’s arms. Death was my closest friend, my companion, the comfort that followed me around as I lived large, trying to find the right accident to step in front of. 

And then one day, Luca D’Amato stepped in front of me.

Today, he stepped in front of Death. For me. 

I’m not religious. I’m not particularly superstitious, even. But I still can’t shake the feeling that tonight is the result of all that flaunting and flirting with Death that I did in my younger years. That Death hung around, even when I rejected him. That he’s been stalking me like a crazy ex who just can’t let go, and now—

Now Death is looking to claim the person who means more to me than anyone else.

Aidan is praying. My sister in Boston, I’ve been told, is praying. All the Morellis, they’re all praying. I just sit, and I look at the flower arrangement at the front of the chapel, and I wait, because I know the one making the final decision tonight isn’t some God.

It’s Death.

Devoted to the Don – coming December 2021